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In addition to the teachers mentioned below, both Tango del Barrio and Tango Northside will often bring in some of the finest teachers in Argentina for special weekends of classes.

Live Music! Cincinnati Tango Jam ensemble. A new group that plays classic Argentine tango music for dancing and rehearsing most Sundays at 1:30pm at Tango Del Barrio!

Current Cincinnati Ohio Tango Instructors:

Michael Wizer

         Michael began dancing tango more than twenty years ago. The foundation of his dancing comes from Danel and Maria in New York City. Early in his development he had the good fortune to see and take classes with some of the great show dancers and milongueros from the earlier generation, such as Juan Carlos Copes, Maria Nieves, Pepito Avellaneda, as well as some of the more contemporary dancers, such as Miguel and Osvaldo Zotto, Milena Plebs, and Gustavo Naviera. His more recent studies include teachers such as Brigitte Winkler and Tomás Howlin, who are gifted at explaining how the dance works.

        He taught weekly tango classes for 9 years beginning in Pittsburg, and is proud to have had an important role in getting the dance community started there. He subsequently visited Lexington, getting that tango community started.

        He began teaching in Cincinnati in 1997, taking over when Larry Brown and Tina Gutierrez decided to retire from five years of teaching, and continues to teach and be actively involved in the tango community today.

Patricia Paz, a native of Buenos Aires

         Patricia was born in Buenos Aires. She has a degree in Physical Education and Argentinian Dance and Folklore. She has been teaching sports and dance since 1985. From 1987 to 1993, she was a dancer for the Ballet de Arte Folklorico of the Universidad de Buenos Aires. She began her singing career in Buenos Aires in 1995. She has performed in Argentina, Europe and the US.

Marcela Duran, star of Forever Tango

This world famous tango dancer and teacher frequently visits Cincinnati to teach at Tango del Barrio.

Former Cincinnati Tango Instructors:

Virginia Malton

         Virginia discovered the Argentine Tango in 1989 during the performance of Tango Argentino at Riverbend Theatre in Cincinnati. She taught Tango in Lexington as well as the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. She researched the history of the dance and studied with tango masters in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Montreal, and Europe. One of her primary interests was to promote a dance community for people who appreciate and enjoy this beautiful dance.

        Virginia Malton passed away in May of 2011. She will be missed by everyone in the tango community.

Dennis Fausz

        Dennis Fausz helped found the Cincinnati Argentine Tango Society back in 1988 and was instrumental in its successful development. He was a splendid and encouraging dancer who helped lead the practicas and organized formal workshops. Dennis brought many fine teachers to Cincinnati and hosted them while they were here, including Fabian Salas, Rebecca Shulmann, Michael Walker and Luren Bellucci, and Lorena Ermocida. Dennis was also an accomplished vintage dancer and a member of the Flying Cloud vintage dance troupe.

        Dennis Jacob Fausz passed away on October 31, 2009 at the age of 60 in Edgewood, Kentucky.

After a month in Buenos Aires, Larry Brown and Tina Gutierrez studied with Argentine teachers every year at the Stanford Tango Week in San Francisco, including Juan Carlos Copes. They taught intermediate and advanced dancers for several years for the Cincinnati Argentine Tango Society (CATS), as well as being invited to teach Milonga for the Flying Cloud Academy of Vintage Dance. They eventually decided to retire from tango in order to pursue their interest as musicians and the performance of early music.

At right - Tina practicing with Miguel Zotto in Buenos Aires