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This Cincinnati restaurant review and tango website was updated on: February 2nd, 2018

Cincinnati Magazine best restaurant picks for Northside!

Tango Cincinnati reviews better restaurants in Cincinnati, especially in Northside, where tango dancers often go to dine. Northside is a cultural mecca, sporting the greatest diversity of arts and culture in the ti-state area. It is not unusual to walk into the Northside Tavern and hear, on different evenings, live music including classical string quartets, opera, gypsy and balkan brass bands, medieval, and current popular music. Have a Guiness with your Mozart!

Tango Cincinnati exists to support dance, music, and other Cincinnati Fine Arts. We also include links to Internet resources for Argentine tango music, teachers, and important tango sites across the United States and around the world. Learn to speak Spanish in the beautiful city of Veracruz, Mexico, and learn some essential tango dance terms in Spanish on our Tango Terms page.

Argentine Tango has a new home in Northside! See Tango Northside for the exciting details!

The Local Teachers and Studios page features biographies of our local teachers and maps to the ballroom dance studios and other places where milongas (dance events) are held. The Argentine Tango Terms page contains a useful glossary of Spanish words that you will encounter when studying in Argentina or with a Spanish-speaking teacher.

Tango Cincinnati considers that broad exposure to musical, theatrical and dance events can only serve to unify the arts and humanities through a common disciplined approach. Few popular dances embrace the discipline and passion of Argentine Tango! And few neighborhoods host such a diversity of dance and musical culture! Northside!

Tango Cincinnati encourages the renovation of spaces for dance activities, and suggests contractors who can remodel your home or dance space, such as All Good Renovations.